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Sherpadesk RFID Physical count screen

The latest revision of Asset marshal Count screen with color coding

With the latest release of our Asset Marshal mobile solution we have enhanced the product with color coding, a remove feature and add assets effectively commissioning an RFID tag to an asset on the count screen.

During physical inventory the user selects a room and then a building they are going to inventory

  • The RFID radio engages and pings the room

  • Assets found that should be in that room are marked Green

  • Assets that are found that should not in that room are marked Orange. These may be removed or accepted as "moved"

  • Stray tags that are picked up are marked in Red. These can be ignored, or if valid can be added to the system right on the handheld

  • To add from the count screen highlight the asset and press Add. The RFID tag populates and can be used as is or written

  • The user scans the bar code into the asset tag field, chooses category, type, make, and model from the drop downs populated from #sherpadesk, and scans the serial number. Press save and the asset is added to the Sherpadesk cloud

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