Retail Management Hero & RFID 

RDIF integration to RMH is now in development 

Comprehensive help-desk and asset-tracking software for professional service teams that integrates seamlessly with Asset Marshal, Office, Quickbooks, Google Apps, Freshbooks  & Xero

RFID has not made it into the US market yet but it finally seems poised for widespread retail adoption, if the renewed industry buzz on the inventory-tracking tech is any indication. 

RFID automates the tracking of merchandise throughout the retail supply chain — from the warehouse to the store floor — replacing the process of employees scanning products manually.

Additionally as the cost of RFID has fallen dramatically retailers are starting to upgrade to the technology to access an item-level view of their in-store and online inventory. The solution includes Bar-coding as well.

We are currently looking to RMH partners as resellers 


The initial roll out will include

  • Physical Inventory (stocktake)

  • Add / Receive 

  • Commission RFID tags to each item

  • Printing of RFID hang-tags 

  • Check out 

  • Portal Security 


Offering a seamless mobile integration to Asset Marshal featuring RFID or Bar-coding 



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