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Is your facility outsourcing your fixed assets? Recently we have had some ISD’s switch over to us due to the high cost and inaccurate counts on physical inventory every year! For what one of our new clients was paying for an annual inventory we provided a turnkey solution to not only track assets but incorporate help desk and track all service tickets on each piece of equipment. Furthermore, our solution included a bar-code scanner, label printer, & data collection terminal. subsequent years were at a 75% savings. The cost justification was 1 year

Once you have an accurate inventory done its relatively easy to maintain using our software, and mobility solutions.

Prior to a costly renewal
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How it works

  • We migrate the file provided by the outsourcing company & integrate it into our SaaS solution.
  • New items are added as received
  • Physical inventory can actually get brought down to a classroom level performed by teachers or department heads
  • Inventory many be processed on a cell phone or tablet
  • An optional enterprise level data collection terminal can take inventory, add assets in the field or be used for receiving
  • Help desk is included
  • Easily Check in / Check out Assets for the 1:1
  • Implement Bar-code to RFID convergence with our exclusive mobility solution. Cut inventory time by 80% (optional)

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